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• Focus on core business - With no time spent on managing payroll, you can spend your valuable time on managing your core business.

• Empower employees – Snappayroll Employee Self Service portal is simple and easy for employees to access pay and tax slips, declare and submit proofs for expenses, post queries and perform other administrative tasks.

• Mobile access – we offer cloud solutions – payroll on cloud, time and attendance system, human resources information system and leave management system – can be accessed via desktop or mobile phone.

Partner Payroll Programs

You can choose from our exclusive programs, providing discounts for referred clients, private label opportunities, discounted and/or revenue sharing programs.

What does our Private Label Program offer?

In case you seek to provide payroll services under your own brand, while fully utilizing our solutions, Snappayroll is the solution for you. We fully understand and realize that your relationships with your clients are personal and require special attention. For that purpose we created our Private Label Program, allowing you to easily provide payroll processing using our advanced solutions. Contact us and discover the amazing opportunities and possibilities our solutions have to offer and how you too can run payroll, access employee information and perform many other administrative tasks.


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At Snappayroll the emphasis has always been our clients and we have build the back bone of our company around this motto.

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Why outsourced?

What has brought your company to this level of success and how can you get it to grow bigger without pushing human resources and organisational strains. Outsourcing is the solutions, focus on what you good at, and we will make sure you can keep doing so. Learn More...

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