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With Snappayroll state-of-the-art technology, we can offer you a completely paperless "green" payroll process. Now employers can go online to input and transmit payroll data. Payday Reports such as Check Registers, Tax Liability Summaries, Cash Requirement Analysis and Departmental Analysis Reports are all available to you online – even Direct Deposit Vouchers that your employees can view privately online at home, work, anywhere!

Tired of filing and storing all those reports for years on end? With paperless technology that headache is history. Quarterly reports and other pertinent data are available to you online throughout the year as well. At yearend you receive a CD ROM with all your Vouchers, Quarterly reports, everything for the year on disk – now that’s easy filing and storing!

Snappayroll Payroll Services has made the investment in paperless technology for the benefit of our clients and prospective clients.

Our user-friendly, web-based payroll platform, Snappayroll Payroll Big Brother (GPBB), has been developed using input from our clients on how we can ease the load of managing employees. From one employee to a workforce of thousands, our system can meet your company’s needs.

Some employers want a lot of control; others want a lighter load with their payroll processing. We offer the flexibility:

  • Traditional methods of payroll, such as call-in/fax-in/email
  • Web based payroll service to complete your payroll at any time day or night, from anywhere in the world;
  • A number of add-ons, options and other features to help personalize your payroll service to fit your company’s needs.
  • Paperless – Electronic payroll processing saves time and money, eliminating the delivery costs of paychecks and reports. With our employee Self-Service, employees have access to their own information, saving you valuable time and maximizing your company’s efficiency.

If you are looking for a service partner that puts you first with outstanding products, personal service and competitive fees, then you need to contact us today.


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At Snappayroll the emphasis has always been our clients and we have build the back bone of our company around this motto.

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