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  • Access to the software: You get a free backup of the latest signed-off payroll, so you can review every detail.

  • Employment Equity setup and maintenance: Our Employment Equity module generates all Statutory Equity Reports required by the relevant Department of Labour.

  • General Ledger interface files: We can setup and create electronic interface files that you can import to your own general ledger systems for a minimal fee. This will increase your accuracy when balancing and maintaining your control accounts.

  • Business Intelligence reports: To save you time in consolidating information, we can extract standard and customised management reports from your payroll at company or group level. These reports are perfect for a board pack.

  • Leave recording and reporting: Our detailed leave reporting lets you manage leave and create accurate leave provisions. We will even integrate your company leave policy. Leave can be recorded manually or electronically via our hosted Employee Peer Service system.

  • Electronic Payslips: Payslips and tax certificates can be distributed electronically via our system– an interactive digital payslip. The e-payslip can be customized to suit your corporate identity and are archived for five years.

  • Access to a pool of expertise: All our account managers have extensive payroll consulting experience and are experts in payroll legislation and the software.

Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. Snappayroll payroll outsourcing services can give you new business insights and help you adhere to compliance easily.

Better and efficient payroll management process means:

·       Streamlined processes & faster turnaround time
·       Support through entire employee life-cycle, from date of joining to exit
·       Consolidated, error-free documents & reports with sharper business intelligence
·       Lower risk related to compliance and penalties
·       Better resource deployment
·       Decreased IT infrastructure investment
·       Speedy resolution of employee issues

As a leading payroll outsourcing provider we are here to ensure that your payroll runs smoothly and efficiently every time. Our payroll team is fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable so you can safely entrust your payroll to us.

Outsourcing back office services such as payroll will leave you more time to run your business and will substantially reduce your overhead costs.

Payroll services offered by our firm encompass payroll processing, payroll administration, HR administration including advice to expatriate staff and related compliance services. The service can be fully customized to client’s circumstances and needs.

We deliver a fully managed payroll service encompassing; processing, compliance, payroll and HR administration for your employees.

Elements of the service are:

·       Registration of the company (as an employer) to the authorities
·       Collecting employees’ details
·       Liaising with the income tax authorities and the Department of Social Security
·       Processing payments to employees and Government Authorities
·       Preparing tax returns and all other relevant forms and returns
·       Advising on regulations and guidelines affecting expatriate employees
·       Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues


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At Snappayroll the emphasis has always been our clients and we have build the back bone of our company around this motto.

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